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Keeping It Cute

A Dream Built on Resilience


Embrace your unique beauty. Keeping It Cute isn't just a salon, it's a sanctuary for individuality and self-expression. We tailor services to your diverse preferences, from cutting-edge body sculpting to precision nail art.

Empowering confidence, naturally. Our founder, a resilient Hispanic single mother, built this haven with her unwavering work ethic. We celebrate diversity and nourish your skin, hair, and nails with all-natural products whenever possible.

More than a salon, a family. We offer a warm and inclusive environment, welcoming everyone on their journey to discover their inner glow.

Join our vibrant community. Step into Keeping It Cute and experience:

  • Personalized beauty services: Hair, nails, facials, Body Sculpting, lashes, and more.

  • Confidence-boosting transformations: Look and feel your best.

  • All-natural options: Nourishing your body from within.

  • A welcoming and supportive space: Celebrate your unique beauty.

Unleash your radiance. It's time to Keep It Cute!

Meet The Team

  • Meet Nayeli, the owner of Keeping It Cute Salon & Spa! A licensed cosmetologist, wife, and mother of three boys, Nayeli is passionate about helping everyone feel confident and beautiful.

  • Warmth and Natural Beauty: Stepping into Keeping It Cute Salon & Spa is like entering a haven of comfort. Nayeli makes every customer feel welcome and at ease. A strong believer in the power of natural ingredients, Nayeli uses organic or natural products whenever possible throughout her services.

  • A Well-Rounded Expert:  While Nayeli has been building a loyal clientele with her amazing nail artistry since 2021, her expertise extends far beyond that. She's skilled in hair styling, facials, lash treatments, and even offers RF Cavitation Services to help clients with weight loss.

  • Highly Reviewed Nail Artist: When it comes to nails, Nayeli is a true master! Her clients rave about her work in countless reviews, praising her talent and attention to detail. Whether you're looking for a relaxing facial, gorgeous new hairstyle, flawless lashes, weight-loss support, or a show-stopping manicure, Nayeli has the skills and passion to help you achieve your beauty goals.

Our Story

Hola! I'm Nayeli Gonzalez Garcia, and Keeping It Cute Salon & Spa here in Juneau, WI is more than just a business to me – it's the culmination of a dream I chased with every ounce of my strength.

It all started with a spark of passion. The intricate art of manicuring captivated me, and I knew I had to make it a part of my life. So, I earned my Manicuring license, pouring my heart into every lesson and technique. But my ambitions stretched beyond the four walls of a nail studio. I envisioned a space where every person who walked in felt welcomed, celebrated, and empowered to embrace their unique beauty.

Keeping It Cute Salon & Spa, located at 144 E Oak St., Juneau, WI 53039, is the vibrant haven I built with those dreams in mind. As a single Hispanic mother, the journey wasn't easy. It took unwavering work ethic, a whole lot of hustle, and the unwavering support of my community. But seeing the smiles on our clients' faces, the confidence blossoming in their eyes – that's what makes it all worthwhile.

Here at Keeping It Cute, we're more than just a salon. We're a family. We believe in personalized pampering, from precision nail art (because, let's face it, those perfect gels can be a confidence booster!) to cutting-edge body sculpting. We celebrate diversity and prioritize using all-natural products whenever possible. Whether you're a fan of "farmhouse fresh" favorites or seeking organic options, we have something for everyone.

So, come join our vibrant community! We'd love to welcome you to Keeping It Cute Salon & Spa. Let us help you unleash your inner radiance and discover the beauty that's uniquely you.


Our Clients

"Excellent service and very professional."


April 7, 2024

"My gel pedicure with Nayeli was fantastic -- I'll definitely be back."


April 16, 2024

"Love the color!"


April 14, 2024

"Always love coming to see Nayeli! Very relaxing and fun to talk with!"


February 19, 2024

"The stylist spent a lot of time getting my haircut perfect!"


April 15, 2024

"I lost one and a quarter inches from my stomach in my first visit. I will definitely be going back!"


February 1, 2024

"Love how Nayeli brings my ideas/inspirations to life. She always does a great job!
We changed up the Valentine's Day nails to Easter nails and I ❤️ them! She did amazing as always. Highly recommend. She has great attention to detail and brings ideas to life"


March 19, 2024


March 23, 2024

"Nayeli is the best!! She takes her time and pays attention to all the little details. I really love that! Nails 10/10 every time!"


January 17, 2024

"I love my nails!!! They look exactly like the photo I showed her and she was so so sweet! I really enjoyed getting my nails done and how perfect they came out! I also love love love how she was super understanding and was super careful and took her time! I am for sure going back to get my nails done again!"


March 21, 2024


March 30, 2024

"Nayeli is meticulus with her nail care and services! I would highly recommend her!"


December 25, 2023

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